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Corporate Videos

You’ve seen that we profess that ‘your image is our business’. This means that we take your image, and presentation of it, very seriously.  So, careful inclusion of key information about your identity, products or services and how to convey that through a short (or longer) video piece is of our utmost concern.  You are in our care, and you won’t be disappointed in the process and outcome.

Video Marketing

Many internal processes of your business need to be conveyed to your own prospective clients to be able to drive a potential buyer to your business.  Envision Productions has key expertise in this area to help sell your brand and position videos that will bring in leads to your product or service.

Video Editing

At the heart of any production, whether a documentary film, corporate overview, fundraising video, or simple cut-only project, the editing sets the pacing of your presentation.  For editing services, Envision Productions’ capabilities include full-service post-production capabilities including non-linear timeline editing, color grading of footage, compositing, format conforming, audio sweetening through equalization and augmentation, needle-drop music or original score additions, text overlays, and fulfillment through media pressing or online presentation.

"Life is full of adventure and wonder. People have messages they want to get across, connections they want to make, and stories they want to share. We enjoy helping guide and coach you to tell your story."
- Paul Tracy, Owner
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A documentary film, as the Wikipedia entry shows, is a non-fictional motion-picture intended to "document reality, primarily for the purposes of instruction, education, or maintaining a historical record".  We have experience in creating “docs” for customers and organizations, and collaborate with many documentarians in the area.

Digital Transfers

Envision Productions offers high level telecine scanning of Super 8mm and Regular 8mm silent films.  We clean and digitize your films with a system that requires no sprocket hole touching, as it slides through the scanner like a reel of audio tape while the computer does the positioning and registration of the images.  So, you can safely have us digitize films that even have edge damage or sprocket hole tears.

Wedding & Event Videos

Weddings, sporting events, art performances, and corporate presentation gatherings are all events we have captured at Envision Productions.  You can be sure of excellent quality and acquisition of your live event.

Narrative Films

Envision Productions welcomes you to submit ideas and scripts for consideration for narrative films. We are in the business of storytelling, and those storytelling skills we use for other products we create are useful for telling a long-form narrative. Consider a conversation with a Producer at Envision Productions to see if our company is the right fit for your storytelling needs.

CGI, Animation and Visualization

Many times during a video there are concepts that can best be informed through the use of computer aided imagery.  While a flying logo can be exciting to see, we are talking about CGI that helps convey a principle or focus on an aspect of  product or service in a unique way.  We are able to offer compositing CGI into live video as well as stand-alone animated CGI and graphics for your presentation.

Podcasting Shows

Since 2008 we have created and managed shows that are primarily distributed as podcasts.  Envision Productions is well-equipped to help develop your concept of a show into a podcast.

it's all about the process

How projects get done

Everything starts with a story.  Everything.  So, whether you have a product placement video or a documentary film, it all starts with a message you want to convey to someone about something.  We foster and nurture a story until it grows to tell itself.  Then it’s ready to be captured and told.  Oh, but wait…

The manner in which that story is conveyed is critical.  Do we tell the story to the masses or is the story only seen by a small audience?  Is the story wearing fancy dress up clothes or relaxed bluejeans?  Is the story presenting a certain style or capturing an emotion.  No doubt, you’ll want it to change the viewer in some way.  Different designs engender a range of emotion.

Now that we’ve done all the planning we can, it’s “lights, camera, action!”  In a sense we are gathering all the pieces of a collage to later knit together into a tapestry.  In this part of the process, though we follow the plan, there’s room for “happy accidents” along the way that can add to the project.  Don’t forget the wrap party!

Now we craft the nuances of the story.  Now we give birth.  Don’t forget to breathe.  In Post, we birth the story that’s created in the womb of Design and captured during Production.  It becomes a reality!  If we’ve done it right, we won’t have to “fix it in post”… we’ll tweak it… colorize it… sweeten the audio… just a little augmentation and sprinkles.  Basically, it’s all about timing and pacing.  We let the story tell itself with cadence and rhythm.

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