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Documentary Inspiration!

Yesterday the Rochester Documentary Filmmakers group held its monthly meeting, this time at Rochester Community TV’s studio since no one was screening a film (we usually meet at the Little Theatre downtown for screenings). We at Envision are really pumped thanks to all of the wonderful advice and inspiration that came out of this meeting.

Our PUSH documentary is really coming to a head since ‘Arc of Ages,’ the show that our movie’s plot will be revolving around, is in production.

Video Testimonials for Local Day Care Agency

Envision Productions had a follow up project with Toddler’s Workshop and Railroad Junction day care facility when they went to a new website structure. We produced this introductory web clip for them seen at their website.

While the video was completed a while ago, some unexpected circumstances required us to revisit the project.


PUSH Begins Work on ‘Arc of Ages’

This is an exciting time here at Envision. A huge development in the PUSH documentary has become a reality this week. After years of following PUSH Physical Theatre around with cameras running at all times, the production that has long been intended to be the crux of the plot of the documentary is finally in rehearsals!

‘Arc of Ages’ began workshopping this week after casting shortly before that. It is designed to be an epic tale of love, war, friendship, and foes, drawing its storylines almost exclusively from the biblical Old Testament narrative. The main storyline of Envision’s PUSH documentary will focus on the process of producing and performing this show.

Darren, Heather, and the other PUSH company members are busy guiding the show’s new dancersĀ  from a variety of backgrounds in learning PUSH techniques. There’s a lot of miming, core-strength-building exercises, and slow motion sword fights going on right now.

Oooh! We’ve said too much!

Choreography will be starting in about two weeks. We’re just a little excited . . .

Gamebreak Visits RIT

It’s time for Rudicon, everybody!

What? You don’t know what Rudicon is? Well, truthfully, neither did we until signing on to this project; but Gamebreak’s Andy Wheeland knew all the ins and outs of this gaming convention held annually on the Rochester Institute of Technology’s campus.

For members of the Rochester Wargamers Association and Guild (RWAG), admission to the three-day event is totally free. For those of us who aren’t quite as . . . ahem . . . nerdy . . . the entire event is a mere $5. (Just kidding, Andy. You and your friends are great . . .)

Rudicon will be the high-energy setting of an upcoming episode of Gamebreak, but stay tuned for other cool locations as well!

KF Screens at Father’s House to Rave Reviews

The Father’s House is a progressive mega-church in Chili, NY that draws a huge youth population because of its passionate worship, relevant teaching, and numerous opportunities for fellowship.

King’s Faith recently screened there to a packed auditorium/sanctuary of teens and TFH church-goers. The response was overwhelming, but honestly . . . we’re not surprised. Everywhere this film has gone, young men and women moved by its story and singing its praises have followed.

Here is a video of some of the comments we recorded after the screening:

Collichio Video Music Lessons

We were a part of a shoot for an interesting project this last Monday. George Collichio from the already successful Collichio School of Music is in the process of starting an online school of guitar education. While he hopes to expand the lessons to include piano, drums, voice and more (instruction his on-site school already includes,) he and his business partner are starting small in this particular endeavor.

When Collichio’s partner wasn’t blown away by the first video filmed for the instructional video series, we were asked to try filming Lesson 1 over again as a proof of concept. With the addition of some high-quality sound equipment, professional lighting, two cameras to enable close-ups and cutaways, and a few helpful graphics, the business-savvy partner is very impressed (as is Mr. Collichio.)

Hopefully the two will decide to work with us for the production of the rest of the series (possibly as many as ninety videos in all!)

We think it’s important to mention that we did not charge Collichio School of Music for this concept video even though editing it took many hours of intern Jessica’s time. We believe that by having the integrity to provide a proof of concept for free, we build customer rapport and make it more likely for the client to choose us when it is time to contract the rest of the video series. In other words, we are forfeiting immediate monetary compensation in hopes of securing a long-term business relationship.

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