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Gamebreak Films at Millenium Games

For a recently filmed episode of Gamebreak, we found ourselves at Millenium Games, a popular and thorough gaming store in Henrietta, NY. We wanted to not only explore the store, but also to stop by the attached gaming room where patrons actually take the games they have bought in the store in order to try them out with other gamers.

On this particular day of filming, the Rochester Gaming Society was holding their regular meeting in Millenium’s gaming room, and we had the opportunity to interview a few of their regulars–including one of the founding members. They are a great group of people, and you’ll be able to see more about them when the episode airs.

We were then greeted by, Joe, a helpful sales associate who gave us an introduction to the store and then took us on a tour of all of Millenium’s deck-building games–Dominon, Eminent, Domain, Nightfall . . .

Can you guess what the topic of an upcoming episode is going to be?

If not, hopefully you won’t have to wait for long to find out! This episode is coming soon! Also, stayed tuned for more episodes filmed at cool locations outside of the Fortress of Gamitude.

How to Shoot a PUSH Physical Theatre Spot

Over the span of a couple rehearsals and 2 days of filming, we shot the footage for the latest PUSH Physical Theatre’s promo called “Best Way to Pack Your Van Ever”. You can watch it here:

Past spots that Envision Productions participated in can be found at


Length: 3:34
Date Produced: 2012
Envision Productions role: Videographer
Division this video falls within: Envision Productions

PUSH Promo 2010

PUSH Physical Theatre

This is the 2010 PUSH Physical Theatre’s promo.

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Getting around the new site

Welcome to our brand new website! This is a huge improvement on our old one, which was badly outdated. Thanks to Wordfresh for developing the new brand look and website for us.
First, you should know that we are now featuring all three segments of our company under Services… previously, they were separate sections of our site. We are also adding some information on producing podcasts, which is our most recent development. Also, our portfolio area is really fantastic… you will want to check that out and see some samples of our work, including some oldies. Read more →

A Professional Video Shoot

We found this great article by Rick Broida, and thought we would share it.  It is really for camera geeks like us, but it does provide a good summary of doing video the guerilla way.  Enjoy. (source) Read more →

Our Commitment to Your Core

When filming, it is easy to get caught up in the purely visual, in angles and lighting and lists of shots to get. However, there is one thing that is more important to remember through the process: what makes this person or organization unique? That question affects the choice of angles, shots, and lighting, and hopefully (if we are doing our job well) tells a story about who you are, how you are different. Our commitment is to communicate with integrity the core element that sets you apart. It is your differences that make you stand out, and we do our best to highlight those subtle character elements and bring them out on film.
We believe it pays to stand out these days. There is a lot of video out there, a lot of buzz and marketing. Standing out can only happen when the hidden gems of your character are made apparent. What are your unique qualities? Are your promotional materials telling that story?

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