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Dr. Rogers (Kinematics)

Animation used within a longer fiction piece.

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Heidelberg (Kinematics)

3D animation used as part of a larger story about company.

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After All These Years (Kinematics)

Opening composite of local airport, paid stock photo of Eiffel Tower and 3D flying saucers for a short fiction film. Read more →

A Professional Video Shoot

We found this great article by Rick Broida, and thought we would share it.  It is really for camera geeks like us, but it does provide a good summary of doing video the guerilla way.  Enjoy. (source) Read more →

Our Commitment to Your Core

When filming, it is easy to get caught up in the purely visual, in angles and lighting and lists of shots to get. However, there is one thing that is more important to remember through the process: what makes this person or organization unique? That question affects the choice of angles, shots, and lighting, and hopefully (if we are doing our job well) tells a story about who you are, how you are different. Our commitment is to communicate with integrity the core element that sets you apart. It is your differences that make you stand out, and we do our best to highlight those subtle character elements and bring them out on film.
We believe it pays to stand out these days. There is a lot of video out there, a lot of buzz and marketing. Standing out can only happen when the hidden gems of your character are made apparent. What are your unique qualities? Are your promotional materials telling that story?

NYS United Teacher’s Education Conference

Remember When Video provided us professional and prompt service. They kept our needs in mind and we enjoyed working with them.
Robin Stimson, Chairperson

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