PUSH Begins Work on ‘Arc of Ages’

This is an exciting time here at Envision. A huge development in the PUSH documentary has become a reality this week. After years of following PUSH Physical Theatre around with cameras running at all times, the production that has long been intended to be the crux of the plot of the documentary is finally in rehearsals!

‘Arc of Ages’ began workshopping this week after casting shortly before that. It is designed to be an epic tale of love, war, friendship, and foes, drawing its storylines almost exclusively from the biblical Old Testament narrative. The main storyline of Envision’s PUSH documentary will focus on the process of producing and performing this show.

Darren, Heather, and the other PUSH company members are busy guiding the show’s new dancersĀ  from a variety of backgrounds in learning PUSH techniques. There’s a lot of miming, core-strength-building exercises, and slow motion sword fights going on right now.

Oooh! We’ve said too much!

Choreography will be starting in about two weeks. We’re just a little excited . . .

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