“Demand” King’s Faith!

This is the ad that Envision filmed for director Nick Dibella in an effort to promote King’s Faith, the faith-based film scheduled for theatrical release on April 26th, 2013.

You may or may not know that we filmed and edited many of the behind-the-scenes extras for the DVD release of the film two summers ago when the movie was in production here in Rochester, NY. The two young people in this promo were regular extras during filming, and EP intern Jessica Thurston spent a lot of time with them as the background PA on the King’s Faith set.

The idea is that audience members eager to view the upcoming film will recruit friends and family to click the link on the KF site and “demand” that the film be shown theatrically in their hometown. I believe the film is up to about six cities where it will be released on April 26th!

UPDATE 4/12: 4,500 demands and going strong!

UPDATE 5/7: King’s Faith is now onscreen in 16 cities and counting!

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