Collichio Video Music Lessons

We were a part of a shoot for an interesting project this last Monday. George Collichio from the already successful Collichio School of Music is in the process of starting an online school of guitar education. While he hopes to expand the lessons to include piano, drums, voice and more (instruction his on-site school already includes,) he and his business partner are starting small in this particular endeavor.

When Collichio’s partner wasn’t blown away by the first video filmed for the instructional video series, we were asked to try filming Lesson 1 over again as a proof of concept. With the addition of some high-quality sound equipment, professional lighting, two cameras to enable close-ups and cutaways, and a few helpful graphics, the business-savvy partner is very impressed (as is Mr. Collichio.)

Hopefully the two will decide to work with us for the production of the rest of the series (possibly as many as ninety videos in all!)

We think it’s important to mention that we did not charge Collichio School of Music for this concept video even though editing it took many hours of intern Jessica’s time. We believe that by having the integrity to provide a proof of concept for free, we build customer rapport and make it more likely for the client to choose us when it is time to contract the rest of the video series. In other words, we are forfeiting immediate monetary compensation in hopes of securing a long-term business relationship.

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