Gamebreak Films at Millenium Games

For a recently filmed episode of Gamebreak, we found ourselves at Millenium Games, a popular and thorough gaming store in Henrietta, NY. We wanted to not only explore the store, but also to stop by the attached gaming room where patrons actually take the games they have bought in the store in order to try them out with other gamers.

On this particular day of filming, the Rochester Gaming Society was holding their regular meeting in Millenium’s gaming room, and we had the opportunity to interview a few of their regulars–including one of the founding members. They are a great group of people, and you’ll be able to see more about them when the episode airs.

We were then greeted by, Joe, a helpful sales associate who gave us an introduction to the store and then took us on a tour of all of Millenium’s deck-building games–Dominon, Eminent, Domain, Nightfall . . .

Can you guess what the topic of an upcoming episode is going to be?

If not, hopefully you won’t have to wait for long to find out! This episode is coming soon! Also, stayed tuned for more episodes filmed at cool locations outside of the Fortress of Gamitude.

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